Introducing the basic karaoke machine to replace the traditional live band performance.

The late 1980s to early 1990s marked the peak of Taiwan’s economic development, with upscale nightclubs and clubs popping up everywhere. It was an era of prosperity and entertainment. After retiring from the military band, Chairman Zhuang immediately immersed himself in the performing arts industry as a musician. This period of performing with live bands was a crucial time for the budding Inyuan International.

To cater to the diverse musical demands of customers, Chairman Zhuang came up with the idea of introducing the basic karaoke machine, which was rarely used by musicians at the time, into performance venues. This replaced the traditional model of live band accompaniment with customers singing along. The equipment was meticulously designed to be visually appealing. Surprisingly, this product was warmly welcomed by customers, leading to the subsequent purchase of multiple sets of equipment. Gradually, it laid the foundation for organized business operations and inspired Chairman Zhuang to venture into the development of computerized karaoke machines.


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