Keyboard Remote Control IYR-104

Applicable models: All models (excluding VCD and DVD).
Ergonomic design, large buttons and multiple grip options.


Dimensions and Weight
Dimensions: W231 x H184 x D44 mm
Weight: 128g
Exclusive development
Surpasses Japanese and Korean KTV commercial remote controllers,
with larger and clearer buttons for easy and precise operation.
Ergonomic design
Easy to grip and operate from any direction, with clear functional classification.
Dual-use: wired and wireless.
Compatible models
Mode 1: N2, N, I, M, S, P, BD, B, E series.
Mode 2: Galaxy series, Solar system series, Music Station (KD, IY3100), Diamond, Gemini series, Dragon King series.
Mode 3: Black Cyclone, Starry Sky, Music Station (LD, IY3000), Uranus series.

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