Remote Control IYR-9903

Applicable for I, M, S, P, BD, B, E, N, and N2 series.
General function keys, menu function keys, special function keys.


Dimensions and Weight
Dimensions: W65 x H252 x D20 mm
Weight: 178g
General function keys
手機/平板掃描伴唱螢幕上的QRCode 即可開啟網頁簡易點歌,或用音圓N2APP掃描自動連線配對 伴唱點歌操作更快速
Menu function key
Main menu with 9 major sections and song library operation.
1. Song selection by song number 2. Song selection from the song library 3. My Favorites 4. Video Collection 5. Media Playback 6. My Network 7. Recording 8. Other Functions 9. System Information.
Special function keys
MTK mode, real-time audio effects, announcements, and loop adjustments.
Recording, video recording, background selection, add to my favorites, playback speed adjustment, and other functional operations.

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