An audio system tailored specifically for Taiwanese vocal ranges
40-channel automatic frequency-matching wireless microphone
AI voice assistant
11.6-inch touch screen with automatic light detection
MIPI real-time background
Removable lithium battery



Official Certifications

BSMI (Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection, Ministry of Economic Affairs)

Dimensions and Weight

Dimensions W595×H215(excluding foot pads)×D210 mm
Weight 7.9KG

Hi-End Class D Stereo Amplifier with 5.25" Mid-Bass Speaker Unit
Industry-exclusive 40KHz ultra-high frequency rhodium magnet speaker unit

Audio system specifically designed for Taiwanese vocal ranges
Enhanced mid-bass performance
More refined and clear high-frequency and vocal reproduction, with a broader soundstage

Industry-First 40-Channel Dual-Frequency Automatic Matching Wireless Microphone Built-in microphone array module
Industry-exclusive microphone storage compartment

Highest number of channels in the industry (40), with one-touch frequency switching
Uses two standard 1.5V AA batteries (alkaline batteries recommended)
Built-in microphone array module supports voice input for web and entertainment functions
Can store two wireless microphones simultaneously

Removable Lithium Battery with Capacity Display

LG battery cells for stability, durability, and safety
Quick and convenient battery replacement
Battery level displayed on both screen and battery unit

Industry-Leading AI Voice Assistant "Xiao Yuan Xiao Yuan"

Compatible with all microphone brands
Voice-activated song selection and playback control

13 Shortcut Keys

13 physical shortcut keys for frequently used functions

Recording Function

Record personal tracks with wireless transfer to mobile devices for backup and management

11.6-inch Optimal Size Touch Screen with Automatic Light Detectio

Industry-exclusive ambient light sensor for automatic screen brightness adjustment

Industry-First MIPI Camera Real-Time Background

Built-in MIPI camera (Full-HD) for real-time background during performances

Redesigned "Home" Interface

Visual block design for clearer categorization and intuitive use
Offers themed playlists, latest Mandarin/Taiwanese song rankings, news updates, etc.

Pinyin Lyric Toggle

Lyrics display with Hanyu Pinyin option
Suitable for new immigrants, migrant workers, or foreign friends learning to sing

Online Scoring Leaderboard

Expanded from single machine to worldwide competition
Global users can compare their performances

Dual Screen Usage: Synchronous/Asynchronous Display

Connect to external TV or monitor for simultaneous use
Synchronous display: Both screens show the same content
Asynchronous display: External screen shows karaoke content while machine screen is used for touch control

Industry-First Portable Favorite Playlist

Access your favorite playlist via N5 APP when connected to the karaoke machine at friends’ homes or singing events

Web/Entertainment Features

Built-in access to Google, Disney+, Spotify, and other streaming services
Supports SD and USB media playback
Enjoy a wider range of audio-visual entertainment

Bluetooth Speaker Function

Connect to mobile devices to play music and enjoy superior stereo sound
Display shows time and can be set to cycle through favorite media
Screen can be temporarily turned off for pure audio enjoyment

Color (Body/Speaker Grilles)
Black/Silver Gray
Power Supply
DC12V/6.25A (Adapter 100~240V AC)
Total Power Consumption
Li-ion Battery
Rechargeable (w/Remaining Power Display)
Battery Life
3.5-4 hours (Loud Volume)
Built-in HDD Capacity
2.5“ 4TB
Touch Screen
11.6" (w/Ambient Light Sensor)
Convenient Touch Buttons
Sound Card
Microphone Array
Website Voice Search
MIPI Camera (Full-HD)
Background of MIDI songs
35W Class D Amplifier
Full-range 5.25" Speakers + 40KHZ Tweeter Drivers
Wireless Mic Module
Paired with 2 U-frequency Mics, 40CH dual-channel auto frequency matching
Mic Expansion Jacks
Professional Mic Effects
Mic Feedback Eliminator
Auto Audio Limiter
Audio/Video Output
HDMI 2.0 (supports Dual Screen with Different Display)
Video Input
USB Webcam (Background of MIDI songs)
Audio-IN 3.5mm
Headphone Jack (6.3mm)
SD Card Slot
USB Ports (USB 3.0)
Bluetooth (BT)
Wired Network Port (LAN)
Wireless Network Card + AP (Dual Band)
Built-in Mic Storage Box (w/Pouch)
For 2 Wireless Mics
AI Voice Assistant (XiaoYuanXiaoYuan)
Request-song & Control by Voice
YouTube Integration
DIY YouTube PlayList、Vocal Cancel、Key-adjust and preset.
Recording、File Management、Wireless Transmission to Phone (256Kbps MP3)
Smart Scoring
Scoring by Pitch/Tempo/Emotion、Online Leaderboard
Singing Practice
Next/Pre-Section、Next/Pre-Sentence、Repeat-Song、Repeat-Sentence、A-B Repeat
My Favorite Songs (w/Preset Singing Keys)、My Audio-Recordings
Guided Vocal (MIDI)
Song Search (Zhuyin/Pinyin, Alphanumeric, Handwriting, Voice, Song Number)
Diverse Song Categories
MIDI Chinese Lyrics Fonts (Traditional、Simplified、Pinyin)
MIDI Japanese Kanji Lyrics
Vocal Announcement
My Collection (MV-Songs & MIDI Backgrounds)
Online System Upgrade
Official Song Download
USB Webcam
Compatible w/Logitech, Microsoft
Supported Song Types
APP: Inyuan N5
Sync with Machine、Integrated Remote Control、Voice Commands、Interactive Fun (Photo-Quick-Show/Sticker/Comments/Like/Sound Effect)、Wireless Transmission of MIDI Backgrounds to Machine
Website/Media Mode (w/SD&USB Media Playback)
Support Website Voice Search & USB Mouse
Bluetooth Speaker
Play Music from Phone/Tablet



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