Flagship Model
Top-tier offering with video recording, audio recording, and the most advanced and comprehensive features.


Official Certification

VSCC (Vehicle Safety Certification Center, Foundation)
BSMI (Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection)

Dimensions and Weight

Dimensions: W427 x H69 (excluding footpads) x 350 mm
Weight: 5KG

QR-Code / APP song request

Easily choose songs by scanning the QR code on the karaoke screen using your mobile device or tablet. Alternatively, you can connect and select songs automatically through the N2 app.

Official Cloud Song Download

Connect the karaoke machine to the internet to download monthly releases of legally licensed song collections.

Numbered Musical Notation

Numeric notations are displayed synchronously on the karaoke screen, helping you understand musical scales and beats clearly, thus enhancing learning efficiency.

Send photos/videos from your mobile as background

Send photos/videos from your mobile to the karaoke machine to use as background visuals for your singing session.

Record your own MV

Effortlessly create high-quality personalized music videos, and instantly transmit them to your mobile for saving or sharing.

YouTube Songs

Selected YouTube Songs in Karaoke Song Library,Request YouTube songs by APP.
Raise or Lower Singing Key.
Save your Signing Key.
Add as Favorite Songs.

YouTube Vocal Cancel

Vocal elimination comes in three levels: high, medium, and low. You have the freedom to adjust the intensity of vocal cancel.

Classified Song Library

In addition to the existing diverse selection of over 50 song categories, there’s an addition of YouTube recommended songs.

Create Your Own Stickers

Effortlessly turn your mobile photos into creative stickers and share them them on the screen.

Texting Comments

Share your thoughts using comments, and have them displayed on the screen.

Official Stickers

Comes with 30 built-in official stickers suitable for various singing scenarios.

Piano Black
Sound Card
Hard Disk Capacity
Supported Hard Disks (SATA 3.0)
Headphone Jack (6.3mm)
Microphone Jack (6.3mm)
2 in front and 1 at the back (Adjustable volume)
Coin Acceptor
Wired Network Port (GigaLAN)
USB 3.0 (Type A) Slots
2 in front and 2 at the back
HDMI Input
HDMI Output
AV RCA Output
Optical Output
Coaxial Output
SD Card Slot
Optical Disc Drive (No VCD support)
● (Rewriteable)
External Video Input
HDMI 2.0
Audio/Video Output
Video Output Resolution
4K + HDR (High-Dynamic Range) #Requires 4K HDR TV
Digital Audio Output (Coaxial, Optical)
Built-in Wireless Network Card
Wireless playback of Mobile/Tablet music
Power Supply
DC 24V/3.75A
Remote Control
Keyboard Remote Control
Paper Songbook
YouTube Songs
Selected YouTube Songs in Karaoke Song Library, Request YouTube songs by APP 3 Levels of Vocal-Cancel Raise or Lower Singing Key Save your Signing Key Add as Favorite Songs
APP Song Request
APP Voice Command Song Request
QR-Code Song Request
Video Recording
Record your own MV. Send Photos/Videos from your mobile as background. Support USB WebCam. Send your MVs to your mobile via APP. Backups and burn MVs to DVD (720p HD* MP4).
Audio Recording
Record your own solo singles. Supports Backtracking Audio-Recording. Send your Audio-Recordings to your mobile via APP. Backups and burn Audio-Recording to CD (256Kbps AAC).
Display in Vocal Monitoring/Simple-Messages, Leaderboards, Challenge Leaderboards Menu
Numbered Musical Notation
Segmented Singing Practice
Previous-Next Paragraph/Previous-Next Sentence/Sentence Repeat/A-B Repeat
Favorite Songs (Preset-Singing-Key) My Audio-Recordings, My MVs
Prof. Microphone Effects
USB WebCam Support
Supports Logitech/Microsoft
YouTube Online
Real-time Vocal Cancel (L/M/S), Key +-
App: Send photos/videos from your mobile as background
App: Create Your Own Stickers
App: Texting Comments
Song Selection by Vocal Range
Quick Search (by Zhuyin/Hanyu Pinyin, English & Numbers)
Classified Song Library
Lyrics Fonts (TC /SC)
Japanese Kanji Lyrics
Vocal Announcement
Online Upgrade
User Collections
Homemade Videos & Images as Background
Sing with Guided Vocals
Official Cloud Song Download
Supported Song Types

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    Flagship Model
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