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We have been operating steadily in the Taiwan market for over 20 years, boasting our own professional research and development team committed to constant innovation and excellence. We are also the industry leader with the most legal song selections for karaoke machines. Each legitimate copyright song goes through the hands of expert music teachers, undergoing meticulous re-arrangements that infuse more emotion and vitality. This transforms our karaoke machine from a mere mechanical device into a music companion with a soul. Whether it’s software or hardware, we possess abundant professional resources to ensure that our products always stay on the cutting edge of innovation.

Our success also stems from our willingness to embrace cross-industry collaboration. We have collaborated with renowned piano instrument companies in Taiwan, jointly developing the “Automated Piano Performance System.” This innovation seamlessly blends the elegance of a piano with the diversity of a karaoke machine. Now, you can freely select songs and immerse yourself in the beautiful melodies played by the piano, all automated. It’s the ultimate enjoyment for music enthusiasts and technology aficionados alike.

Currently, we eagerly anticipate collaborations with diverse industries to co-create new marvels. No matter which sector you’re from, we believe that by combining your expertise with our innovative capabilities, we can ignite limitless sparks. Let’s join hands to explore broader markets and unlock more possibilities together.

We invite you now to join us in bringing more surprises to the realm of music and technology. Please get in touch with us to embark on this journey of shaping a new future together.

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